Modena and the new Ferrari movie: plot, cast, and curiosities

The magical world of cinema has just been enriched with a work that has generated great interest and excitement: the brand-new film dedicated to the legendary Ferrari automotive company. In this captivating cinematic project, the focus is not only on the compelling history of the company, but it also delves into the streets of Modena, the beating heart of the Motor Valley, bringing well-deserved visibility to the city.

Let's explore together the plot, cast, and curiosities of the film about Enzo Ferrari!

The plot of the Ferrari film

We are in the summer of 1957, and former racing driver Enzo Ferrari is facing an unprecedented crisis. The automotive company, built with love alongside his wife Laura, is on the verge of bankruptcy. However, challenges extend beyond business, as the tumultuous marriage between Enzo and Laura is in turmoil. Determined to bounce back, Enzo decides to enter his Scuderia Ferrari in the legendary Mille Miglia race, a 1,600 km competition that crosses Italy from Brescia to Rome and back. The race is gripping and seems to be the turning point the protagonist was waiting for, but a few kilometers from the finish, a Ferrari car is involved in a terrible fatal accident, causing the death of 9 spectators, including 5 children. The Italian government prohibits future editions of the Mille Miglia, while Enzo is indicted and brought to trial. The trial concludes with his acquittal in 1961, but the scars of the tragedy and personal challenges will remain indelible.

From Adam Driver to Penélope Cruz, through Patrick Dempsey: the star-studded cast of the Ferrari film

The protagonist Enzo Ferrari is portrayed by the masterful Adam Driver, bringing to the screen the complexity of a man fighting not only against professional adversities, but also against his own personal tragedies. Initially, in 2015, the role of Enzo Ferrari was intended for Christian Bale. However, over the years and after some negotiations, the part was given to Driver. The great Penélope Cruz plays Laura Ferrari, Enzo's wife, while American actress Shailene Woodley portrays Lina Lardi, the woman with whom Enzo Ferrari has an extramarital affair. Among the Ferrari drivers in the Mille Miglia, we find Patrick Dempsey as Piero Taruffi, Brazilian actor Gabriel Leone as Alfonso de Portago, and Jake O'Connell as Peter Collins.

Behind the scenes of the Enzo Ferrari film: curiosities about the Prancing Horse

Let's start with the production timeline. The "Ferrari" project went through years of planning, reconsideration, cancellations, and delays, from as far back as 2000 until the final green light in June 2020. Filming began in 2022, premiering in Modena cinemas and then in all Italian theatres on December 14, 2023, with a budget of 90 million dollars.

During the film's viewing, the audience has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of the 50s thanks to the historic train of Fondazione FS Italiane used to recreate the Italy of that time. In fact, Fondazione FS Italiane contributes to the tourist recovery and preservation of the Italian railway history with over 400 restored historical vehicles.

Speaking of authenticity, the film can boast the supervision and direct consultation of Piero Ferrari, Enzo's second son. This allowed limiting poetic license to a few moments for plot purposes, making the film even more faithful to the history of the Prancing Horse.

Could there be a successful film without drama? Indeed, the film stirred controversy when Italian actor Pier Francesco Favino raised questions about the choice of non-Italian actors to tell the story of one of the Italian legends. However, the triumph at the Venice Film Festival demonstrated the project's validity, especially thanks to Adam Driver's extraordinary performance.

Modena: city of art, food, and engines

Modena, a city rich in history and culture, took centre stage in the Ferrari film. The streets, historic buildings, and picturesque views were captured by Mann's cameras, bringing the city's magic to the big screen. The audience had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmospheres of 1950s Modena, reliving the places that witnessed the birth of one of the world's most iconic automotive companies.

The film's importance for this city is evidenced by the creation of maps and tours of the locations where scenes were shot, offering viewers and enthusiasts the opportunity to follow a visual journey through the city, discovering the places that provided the backdrop to Enzo Ferrari's story.

The film's importance for Modena goes beyond local borders, projecting the city onto the international stage. The beauty of its streets and automotive heritage have captivated audiences worldwide, sparking interest and curiosity for a destination now associated not only with good food and art, but also with the legend of Enzo Ferrari.

If you too want to experience the thrill of Modena's streets and discover the secrets of the Motor Valley, join us! We are ready to immerse you in the charm of Modena and the legacy of Enzo Ferrari. Discover all the tours here.

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