Castelvetro di Modena Borgo dei Borghi 2024: what it is, how to vote and when to watch the final

The Borgo dei Borghi, a fascinating journey to discover the hidden gems of Italy, is approaching its eleventh edition, having Castelvetro di Modena ready to represent Emilia-Romagna in this prestigious competition. Let's find out together what Borgo dei Borghi is, how to vote and when to discover the winner!

Il Borgo dei Borghi: what it is, how to vote and when to watch the final on RaiTre

Over the years, Borgo dei Borghi has become a must-attend event for authentic tourism and local traditions true lovers. Now in its eleventh edition, this yearly show allows its public to get to know small villages that are yet to be discovered. A journey through 20 regions and 20 historic villages, each one promoted by its proud inhabitants.

The show is divided into three exciting phases, offering its public a complete experience that goes from the introduction of the villages to the triumphant final.

1. Introduction of the Villages: Starting in December 2023, the television program “Il Kilimanjaro” will introduce once a week the competing villages through spectacular movies. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the history, culture and traditions of places often unknown to the public.

2. Voting: After the introductive part, the episodes coming next will show once again the competing villages through short films, while the public will be asked to express their preferences on the RaiPlay website. The Voting will be  open to the public from the 25th of February 2024 to the 17th of March 2024, giving everyone the chance to support their favorite village.

3. Grand final: on Sunday 31st March 2024 in prime time on RaiTre, the final ranking of the eleventh edition will be revealed. The presenter will read the ranking from the 20th to the 1st place, replaying the short films of each village. The proclamation of the Borgo dei Borghi 2024 will take place in the winner village’s square, with a jury of three well-known personalities who will support the public during the vote.

Castelvetro di Modena: pride of Emilia-Romagna

Among the 20 competing villages, Castelvetro di Modena, will represent Emilia Romagna. This region’s diamond has been selected due to its fascinating history, traditions and architectural beauty. The The episode dedicated to Castelvetro di Modena has been broadcasted on 11 February, offering a unique view at this village full of history.

Vote for Castelvetro di Modena

Starting on the 25th of February, up until the 17th of March, you’ll have the chance to support Castelvetro  di Modena by voting on the Raiplay website. You can sign up for free and vote once a day to help and let this village win as the Borgo dei Borghi 2024. The winner will be announced during the final episode on the 31st of March and it will be handed the “Borgo dei Borghi 2024” plaque.


Discover Castelvetro and Modena

Would you like to discover the wonderful village of Castelvetro di Modena? Another thing that you can’t miss once in this area is the city of Modena with its history and gastronomy, as well as the history of Ferrari and the surrounding villages such as Vignola, Levizzano and many others!

For Tours in Modena and the surrounding villages click here, or contact us for a tailor-made tour!

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